Women Of Africa Construction

Residential and Commercial

Company Overview 

Government has urged women in South Africa to rise up and take their rightful place in the South African Economy.

The National Development Plan has a number of key objectives and needs active engagement with the private sector to achieve its targets. With its extensive portfolio and existing strategic relationships, WOA group is poised to rise to the challenge and play a significant role in the construction industry.

WOA Construction has emerged as a reliable developer in GAP Housing Market.

The objectives of WOA Construction are:

  • To Transfer skills and increase the number of female construction entrepreneurs to progress into the sector.
  • To function as a cohesive support unit to ensure sustainability of smaller female owned construction companies and by sharing our resources and infrastructure
  • To provide high quality affordable housing.
  • To progress into the construction of hospitals, schools, community centers and clinics.
  • To deliver on time and within budget.
  • Build a culture of pride for first time home owners.
  • To provide innovative building solutions and to ascribe to Eco-friendly building practices
  • To use cutting edge project management tools to ensure the seamless flow of the project life cycle.
  • To be a vital part of economic growth and provide sustainable returns to local communities and industries.
  • To enhance the living standards and lifestyle experience of the rising middle class.
  • To create growth through partnerships.
  • To stay nationally engaged.

WOA Construction anticipates a gainful relationship with construction companies in the RDP sector and is committed to involving a range of strategic partners to become involved in projects to create integration between partners. The benefits to local government and municipalities include:

  • Municipalities get to deliver to their communities on their housing mandate.
  • Municipalities get to participate in the creation of a strong middle class.
  • Homeowners in the GAP price bracket are very influential in their communities: they are considered to be leaders, role models, potential employers etc.
  • Optimal use of land that can be used for housing without any need for further municipal spending.
  • WOA handles the administrative process for the necessary rezoning.
  • Municipalities/Land owners receive payment for the land upon transfer.
  • No financial risk or other risk to municipalities.
  • No need for municipal involvement in supporting infrastructure such as roads.
  • Municipalities are seen as key players in a model Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Income flows to the municipalities from electricity, water, rates, refuse removal and sewage.

Home Purchaser Education                  

Our experience has taught us that predominantly “first time” home owners are inadequately informed about all aspects of owning a new home which includes but is not limited to:

  • Funding access to FLISP
  • Guarantees
  • Warranties
  • Difference between snag and maintenance
  • How to identify structural cracks?
  • Including the basics of preventative maintenance

To empower and educate this sector we have commenced with developing a training course together with AML, the NHBRC and various building material suppliers. It will be mandatory to a new home owner to attend this programme which despite being brief is adequate.

Through research and experience we have found that many problems that arise after construction can be proactively resolved with homeowner education upfront as opposed to being reactive post construction.

WOA in conjunction with ASLA Devco, Swartland Municipality and the Department of Human Settlements has undertaken to do the Abbotsdale GAP Housing Development.

WOA has been tasked to build 56 turnkey homes for preferable first time home owners.

There are four types of unit ranging from 43 to 75 square metres.

The selling price range from R243, 500 to R481, 500.

With an average building cost of R198, 500 and an average administrative cost of R89, 500 per unit, it is seen as a community development project.

Two show houses have already been built for the community to and prospective buyers to view.

All approved clients are entitled for a FLISP subsidy provided by the DHS should they qualify for it.

WOA goes the extra mile in advising unapproved clients on how to rectify their finances in order to re-apply and hopefully be approved next time around.

WOA Construction is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and is SARS compliant.