Women In Logistics is proud to announce the acquisition of our carrier Fleet for the automotive sector.

The Department of Trade and Industry are in the process of finalizing the South African Automotive Masterplan for 2021. This sector contributes to more than half of the annual manufacturing input in the country.


This together with our new approach and partnerships that are being explored will form part of the group strategy to accelerate women in the motoring business whilst providing a value added service to our customer base. Above all, our commitment will be on outstanding quality of operations ensuring efficiency in delivery lead time and reduction in cost with new carriers. This service will be seamless, with effective systems driving to exceed customer expectations and technology. The supply chain will be prioritized and stream lined to provide a cost effective all in one solution from collection, to storage and finally, delivery.


We look forward to being of service in this sector with our client base enjoying the benefit of a new vehicle fleet that are legally compliant, a level one BEEE rating, Supplier of enterprise development and our commitment to an all inclusive professional service whilst being environmentally responsible.


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