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WOA WASTE AND INNOVATION SERVICES is a waste management company that offers integrated solutions for the collection, recovery and disposal of waste. Working in partnership with scientists, academic organisation, Department of Environmental Affairs and the community we aim to promote a clean healthy environment.
The Department of Science and Technology's (DST) "Ten-Year Innovation Plan: Towards a knowledge-based economy" recognises the importance of science and technology in improving the country's competitiveness and economic growth. The waste sector is recognised by Government as one that provides opportunities for value recovery, job creation and economic development.

Our Services

• Strategic Planning
• Modeling and Analytics
• Technology Solutions
• Waste Logistics Performance
• Waste and Environment
• Waste and Society
• Integrated waste management

Our commitment
To trains and develop entrepreneurs from historically disadvantaged backgrounds to provide cost effective, sustainable waste management services in South Africa's disadvantaged and under-serviced areas.
Working in joint venture partnership with municipalities, local communities and the private sector, WOA aims to provides employment for local communities This approach encourages community participation while building a cleaner, healthier environment.
This solution enables local authorities to achieve service delivery goals while supporting the development of small business ventures (SMME's) and the economic empowerment of the communities they serve.

Our Team
The Company has an extensive National and International database of leading scientists with a varied depth of expertise along with their ability to manage the details, risk analysis, throughout the life cycle of projects. WOA leverages its skills and experience to provide tailored solutions to enhance clients businesses. We ensure that we understand our client’s business objectives and then match our service delivery to enhance these outcomes including cost efficiencies. The outstanding team of WOA is known for their expertise in research, policy and strategic planning. Their emphasis is on bringing key input from Principal Investigators and other team members nationally and internationally together, in order to develop and execute high level strategic plans for projects. Their knowledge and skill has been garnered through the combined senior management roles they held over 70 years.


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