23 Nov 2020

Standard Bank Top Women 16th edition

The Standard Bank Top Women 16th edition: is South Africa’s leading gender empowerment brand celebrating organizations in both the public and private sector for prioritizing gender empowerment as an integral part of their business strategies. https://topbusinesswomen.co.za/

WOA Group has qualified as one of South Africa’s Top Gender Empowered Companies. The criteria considered when determining if an organisation is a top empowered company are:

  • % of Female Ownership
  • Gender Initiatives
  • Triple Bottom Line (5 – 35 + Million Turnover)

and based on this WOA Group has been positioned as a leader of gender empowerment and transformation in South African business within our sector.

07 Aug 2020

REGENT Enterprise Development Hub

Advocate Pria Hassan
Executive Director and Founder WOA (Women of Africa) Group
in a webinar facilitated by
as they discuss the challenges facing women in business in 2020 and
the role women can play in reigniting our economy.

Date: Tuesday, 11 August 2020
Time: 11h00 – 11h45
Link : Click Here (to register)

Pria Hassan
Executive Director and Founder –
WOA (Women of Africa) Group

A South African woman, born in Kwa-Zulu Natal who
graduated from the University of Natal Law school.
Becoming an award-winning and industry-changing
entrepreneur has, for Advocate Pria Hassan, been a
journey paved with steely determination and commitment
to gender inclusivity. The Founder and CEO of the
Women of Africa (WOA) Investment Group- a dynamic
women driven service provider in the pharmaceutical,
construction, logistics and energy sectors – is at the
forefront of women development in South Africa.
WOA, the women owned and managed Black-Economic
Empowerment Company has paved the way for Hassan
and other emergent local business women to trade
in Africa. However, Hassan’s commitment to women
empowerment spans far beyond the unprecedented
footprint created by her company. Since 2011 she has
been awarded multiple local and international awards for
her contribution to the energy, construction, engineering
and legal sectors.

Dr Ronel Blom
Facilitator and Dean of

Prior to joining RBS, she was a researcher specializing
in education and training policy and practice. As such
she was a policy developer, analyzer and critic for more
than 18 years. As the Head of the Research Unit at the
South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) (2001
to 2007), she developed new policies for the emerging
education and training system post the 1994 transition
from Apartheid to a new democratic dispensation, while at
Umalusi (2007 – 2011), as senior manager at this national
quality assurance body for the primary, secondary and
further education and training, she implemented many
of the quality assurance policies that she helped develop
during her time at SAQA. Her research at the University of
the Witwatersrand’s REAL Centre, focused on education
and training sector issues, including the appropriate size
and shape of education, youth employment and skills
development, a national policy for Workplace-based
Learning (WPBL) and Technical and Vocational Education
and Training lecturer development. Both her Masters and
PhD studies investigated the meaningful implementation
of education and training policies in the South African