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The South African government asked the women of this country to "step up to the plate", to take their rightful place in the South African Economy, and has assured government support.

Women of Africa Investments (Pty) Ltd (WoA) are a Women-owned, Women-managed, Black Economic Empowerment Investment holding company focused on meeting the above challenge.


Women of Africa will be leading women owned organisation in the South African economy and SADC regions that has a diverse range of investments.


The group will be focused on leveraging its empowerment credentials to acquire and develop businesses in public and private sectors. The group has a broad based appeal by virtue of its shareholders and their experience to the growing women and the emerging markets purchasing power. We utilise our competitive advantages to create economic value for our stakeholders by being actively involved in management decisions of our companies, while simultaneously addressing women in business and black empowerment to meet our transformation objectives.


The object of WoA guide the manner in which the group will act, and focus on the group's desired outcomes:

To boldly go where no Women have gone before; WoA is focused on entering the sectors of the economy that remain almost entirely male dominated despite BEE initiatives to date.

To become operationally influential in its investments, ensuring the presence of Women in all key areas of these businesses; enhancing and accelerating the skills transfer process to Women

To grow economically and extend this supportive and empowering approach from South Africa to countries throughout Africa.


  • Fuels & Oils
  • Logistics
  • Trading
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering